SEZ «Aktau Seaport» - Area of Your success!

Orynbassarov Bekbol - Chairman of the Board

Izbergenov Yerbol – Deputy Chairman of the Board  

Kabashev Askhat - Executive Director 

Dossanov Assylbek – Director of investor relations and monitoring of projects Department

Bekzhanov Lepes - Director of technical control and infrastructure development Department

Kenbeilov Baglan - Director of  strategic planning and corporate development Department 


Batyrbayeva Zhanar - Director of the asset management Department  

Kubashev Unerbek - Director of Legal Department

Yergaliev Sabit - Director of the asset management Department 


Begenova Umit - Director of accounting and reporting Department

Yersaiynuly Uais - Corporate Secretary 

Location of the special economic
zone "Seaport Aktau"
The territory of SEZ «Seaport Aktau» consists of 6 sub-zones and coastal area. The total area of ​​the SEZ is - 2000 ha. Land lots provides to participants of SEZ till 2028 year.